The all-time best version of a warmer we've seen! They provide two no-flame alternatives--you can put a scented tart in the bowl and simmer or you can remove the bowl and set your candle on top of the base. These ceramic warmers are electric with a red light on the front to let you know when it's on. The cord has a dial switch that makes it easy to turn on and off. It's heavy 4-inch base will hold even our 25 ounce candle.

Candle/tart warmers are available in the following colors: Burgundy, Buttercream,  Hunter Green,  Pink, . Cost is $15.00.

Also available are adorable Santa and Snowman candle/tart warmers--perfect for the winter holiday season. Cost is $15.00.

These warmers are fantastic for offices and college dorms, and for Mom's and Grandmom's who still want to enjoy pretty scents but don't feel comfortable burning a candle. Tarts are also a wonderful way to test several different candle scents at an affordable price. One of our tarts is just $1.00 and will last over 20 hours!