You have to see these outstanding bouquets to believe them! We dip these silk beauties in scented wax to match the flowers and....MAGIC!! What you have are the most aromatic, realistic looking flower bouquets that will not only look great forever---they will smell great forever, too! Pictured above are just a few of the ones we've sold. Roses and carnations come in a variety of colors. Easter lilies are beautifully scented in Easter Lily Bouquet, peonies are awesome. And lilac is one of our best-sellers!!! The possibilities are endless. If we can find the flower you'd like, we can dip them. We can scent a flower in any chosen fragrance. Not only will they make great gifts, but we can custom dip arrangements for any occasion such as weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Vases are not included. Cost is $25.00 per dozen.
These beautiful wax-dipped roses come in their very own ceramic pot. Below are samples of arrangements we have done, but again, possibilities are endless. We can do your choice of flower, color and fragrance. Cost is $25.00 (8-10 flowers - pot is included!)