ALL ABOUT ME - Sweet & tangy fruitty floral blend. A very happy scent!
ALL MY HEART - Mixture of wildberries, madagascar orchid and sensual musk.

ALMOST PARADISE - You'll feel like you're in a paradise flowing with sweet strawberries, raspberries and red
                                      currants. Freshly picked Ylang, warm vanilla and ginger linger in the air.

AMBER SENSUAL - Warm, sensual amber kissed with bergamot, plum, lotus flower and vanilla.
ANGEL WINGS - A light floral scent that is a duplicate of the designer type.

BABY POWDER - Soft powdery notes of Moroccan jasmine and Russian rose. Smells like Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

CANDLE SHOP - A blend of just about everything--just like walking into a candle shop!

CELESTIAL - A clean, uplifting floral blend. It will do wonders for the spirit!

CHANEL NO 5 Type - This highly complex fragrance contains 130 different ingredients. Top notes of fresh floral
                                     ylang ylang, rose petals and French jasmine. Lovely base notes of vetiver and 
                                     sandalwood provides a woodsy bottom. One of our best sellers.

CHERISH - So fresh and crisp, you can almost smell the effervescent bubbles. There is a lime/citrus top note with
                    light florals such as lavender, rose, hyacinth and wisteria. Just a pinch of dill as well as a
                    hint of green apple. Fabulous!

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