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ALPINE AIR - Clean, brisk and refreshing just like a hike to a mountain top.

AMAZON LILY - Exotic tropical scent--highly fragrant, sweet and aromatic.

APPLEWOOD BALSAM - Fresh, hand picked apples blended with balsam, sandlewood and cedar.

AZALEA - The smell of fresh azalea flowers.

BASIL NECTARINE - Nectarines and basil--this blend is juicy and fresh with just a touch of herb.
BAYBERRY - A wam and spicy holiday tradition.  Nice blend of fir and balsam and delicate undertones of nutmeg and ginger.
BEACH TOWEL - Wonderful, clean scent that opens up to bright citrus notes of petit grain, bergamot and neroli, with ffervent 
                             green cassis and sparkling aldehydes.  Mid notes consist of a lundry fresh floral bouquet of lavender,
                             ylang ylang, orange blossoms, muguet, jasmine and water lilies.  Base notes have a clean finish of musk,
                             oak moss and an ocean marine accord.
BEACH WALK - Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangarine and orange blossom.

BLOSSOM - A sweet, floral blend.

BUTTERFLY HUGS - A creative fresh blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals. Nice!

CARNATION - A strong, sweet, delicate floral. This smells just like the real thing. Also used to scent our Forever Flower carnations,
                         it  makes the bouquet come alive! Awesome!

CARIBBEAN COOL- Crisp, clean and cool just like a refreshing Caribbean breeze!
CHINA RAIN - A truly refreshing, clean aroma with top notes of fresh rose petals, middle notes of wisteria and cyclamen, and
                         bottom notes of sandalwood and vanilla.

CITRUS BLOSSOM - A fresh, flowery scent that takes you to the Florida orange groves.